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The use of printed stickers spans beyond simply putting a gold star on a child’s homework. They are anywhere and everywhere, from labeling for your favorite craft beers to dots put on accounting files. Business or pleasure, a round of stickers can make your life a lot easier. Not only that, but they can provide just the push that your buyers need to make a purchase.

BestoPrint’s Sticker Printing Includes

Bumper stickers: 9”x3”, 10”x3”, 3”x3”, 5”x5”, 6”x6” - Every time you get in your car, you have the opportunity to show off to other drivers using a bumper sticker. Want to print up ‘honor student’ bumper stickers? We can help. How about to support your favorite cause? Yes, that too. If it sticks to a bumper, we can print it. Vinyl sticker printing is something we do quite well.

Rectangular stickers: 3”x3”, 3”x5”, 5”x5”, 6”x6” - You might not be putting it on a bumper, but you still need it to stick. These indoor stickers are quite useful for marking dangerous items, marking files for future use, and other activities. A square sticker says a lot.

Die cut stickers: 10”x3”, 3”x3”, 3”x5”, 5”x5” - Need your sticker cut into a specific design? Our die cut stickers are the perfect solution for that. Maybe you want to draw shapes? Our design professionals are well-versed in getting the most impact for your die-cut stickers.

Round stickers: 6”x6”, 3”x3”, 5”x5” - Printed round stickers add a little something extra into the mix. Maybe the message is much better conveyed when it’s round. We’ve definitely got the sticker for you. Perfect for labeling boxes and spreading the word about concerts.

Static stickers: 9”x3”, 10”x3” - Unlike the bumper stickers and the other stickers that we’ve got listed here, printing static stickers gives you stickers that can be removed from what it’s placed on… WITHOUT the mess of adhesive. These are in the traditional bumper sticker size, but they don’t have the traditional bumper sticker mess.

Custom Sticker Printing Extras:

Glowing and lettering stickers - These types of stickers are for those who need a little something extra. We can print out stickers that glow in the dark, making them quite effective for those who are in need of something different in their advertising. Have you seen those custom lettering stickers? We can make those as well, perfect for clients who want to commemorate anniversaries or get a message across.

Die Cutting - Because we can die cut, we can make your sticker come out to be any shape or size that you want. If you, for instance, need the shape of a frog or other animal as your sticker, we can do that. Our design team is standing by with information to help you get the most from your stickers.

UV Coating - UV coating is a gloss coating that makes your stickers look sharp and polished. It has a different ‘feel’ to it than vinyl and is used for a variety of outdoor purposes. Ask the experts at BestoPrint about how you can get your UV sticker printing.

CMYK - Do you have an exciting color design that you want to print your sticker with? We’re able to print in full color with full bleeds to make your sticker stand out in the crowd. We help you get your message heard.

How to get the most from your vinyl sticker printing

High Contrast
This piece of advice works for any type of signage. You want the background to be so different from the front that the letters or designs really pop out to your readers. Traditionally, combinations like black on white and red on white work very well. Dark colors on gold work, too. For the contrast, silver, gold and white work very well on very dark fields. When you put similar colors together, however, it can turn into a disaster.

Custom Shapes
Die cutting allows you to create the shapes that you want to create. For instance, if you need the shape of a lily pad for your sticker, one can be created for you. If your team is number one and you want to convey that on your sticker, you can make your sticker in the shape of a 1 as well as talking about the rank of your team. Maybe you want to print it out like a snowflake. That can be done as well.

Few words
Good copywriting is at the source of every bumper sticker or other sticker that ever landed on a book, a car, a pole, or what have you. The message should be of few words and one which should easily be gotten across. The more words you use, the more that the meaning of the sticker is diluted. Use only the words which are necessary, and disregard the rest.

Proof your copy
Proof. Proof again. Proof it again. Have your neighbors proof it. Have your friends proof your document. It may be just a few words, but the biggest mistake when going to print is printing without proofing. While it leads to some entertaining situations, they are not what you want to have in sticker printing.

Simple Designs
The more simple the design, the more powerful it is. You don’t want your readers to be lost when they’re looking at a hazard sticker. You want them to know that you’re interested in world peace or that the account is delinquent right away. Burying the lede doesn’t help your readers in the least. Use large fonts and simple drawings, and you should be fine.

The BestoPrint Difference

We take pride in caring for all of our customers and their printing orders. From the smallest order of just 100 to orders numbering in the thousands, you are our highest priority. We make sure that you receive your order next day: get it to us before 8 pm EST, and we can turn it around for you by the following day. We make sure that your printing is done right the first time. Give us a call today for your custom vinyl sticker printing needs.