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Did you ever receive a postcard as a child or see them in racks when you went off on a trip? The colorful pictures and the personal messages can bring back a flood of memories. What child didn’t love getting mail of their very own? We love postcards and custom postcard printing! What better way to show off your art, illustrations, and photographs to the world than to take your images and show them to friends from all around the world?

Postcards can be used for both business and commercial purposes, and their size makes them a cost-effective tool for spreading the word about a new business or sale. Their small size and weight reduce postage costs, which can be crucial for a new business that needs to advertise to the local area.

Options for Your Postcard Printing

Standard printed postcard sizes. To receive first-class postcard mail rates, the height of a postcard can range between 3 ½ and 4 ¼ inches, and the length of a postcard should be between 5 and 6 inches. Most postcards come in index card (3 ½ x 5”) and the larger size of 4 ¼ x 6”, depending on the intricacy of your design. Cards which are larger than the dimensions are billed as first-class letters instead, which can really increase postal rates.

Rounded and square corners. Rounded corners give the recipient of your postcard the idea that it’s an antiquated photograph. If your message is ‘retro,’ that might be a consideration. Also, rounded corners make your card stand out slightly, as most of the ‘regular’ postcards are square.

16pt Glossy and matte cover stock - When you print postcards with a gloss finish, it adds a little extra flair to the finished product. Again, the use of this depends on the message that your company or you are delivering. Don’t need gloss? We have matte options as well. All postcards need to be thicker than paper to go through the postal service as a postcard, so we use heavy 16pt stock with all of our postcards.

Shiny UV coating - This is useful for those who wish to have the postcard shiny on one side and matte on the other. Especially useful in postcard printing, because the matte finishing holds the ink better than the glossy. This shiny UV coating, however, can be used on both sides, as well.

Full-color printing - Full-color postcards are highly effective for getting your message across. At BestoPrint, we’ll print your postcards using our CMYK printer. This allows us to have a wide array of colors. We can also do color matching using the Pantone Matching System. Send us your image files and we’ll make them match.

Foil Stamping - Foil stamping places gold or silver foil on the surface of the postcard. For something that you want to accentuate on the surface of the card, gold foiling is an option. Another use for foil stamping is to make classy invitations or certificates using postcards

Postcards don’t have to be only used in the mail. There are lots of reasons to use a postcard besides popping a message off in the mail. Take a look.

Here are some great ideas for postcard printing

Event Advertisements - If you want to advertise an event happening at your club, a postcard is one of the perfect ways to get the message across. A little card is with you all the time in the ‘brick and mortar’ world, as opposed to the digital one. Place all of your important information on the front, print your address on the back, and you might just have success on your hands.

New Businesses Advertisements- It’s difficult to think about postcards without thinking about the various places that you or your loved ones have been. Postcards have long been used to attract people to come to various places by putting brilliant pictures on the front and small maps on the back. This is a great option for new businesses that want to show people where they are.

Appointment Cards - Appointment cards are much more likely to be noticed as postcards than as business cards or fliers. By spending that little extra to mail appointment cards in the form of a postcard, you are increasing the number of people who will come into your service business. The result, fewer missed appointments and more money!

Coupon Book - Maybe you’re wanting to drum up a little business? Have a postcard exchange program. Turn in one postcard to receive a discount and then get another. Or use your postcards as coupons for your readers! Those recipients of your printed postcards can honestly say that they got something special in the mail.

Greetings - With our CMYK printing, you can print anything that you’d like on the front of a postcard. Top that off with metallic foiling, and you can send season’s greetings, anniversary greetings, or any other types of greetings to your friends and loved ones. Why not get a pack of 100 postcards as your holiday cards and set yourself up for the next decade at least?

Why choose BestoPrint for your Postcards Printing

There are certain things which printers know about postcard printing that those not in the printing business don’t. That’s the mark of experience. We consult with each of our clients on the best practices and best ways to design and print postcards. We talk about margins, bleeds, and great designs.

We’re also about speed and quality. Once we get your design finalized, we print it and get it to you as fast as possible. We’re some of the fastest printers in the business with next-day shipping. If you’re in a hurry, we’re here for you.

We have a custom satisfaction guarantee that can’t be beat. So what are you waiting for? Browse back up to our product listings and find the option you’d like to use, then follow the instructions on the page to set your print job up just the way you want. BestoPrint will take it from there and contact you with any questions. We’ll let you know when your product ships. Soon after that, you’ll receive your batch of postcards. Easy!