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Business Card Printing

A business card is more than just a mini billboard for you and your business. It is a lasting reminder of your contact with someone. Even the mighty internet with its contact databases and networking tools haven’t uprooted the place of the humble business card in facilitating the process of networking. The information may have changed, but the necessity and utility are still needed.

Whether you’re a member of a large corporation or just a single-person business, your business card is your identification to individuals you meet in the brick and mortar world. It’s more than just a collection of contact information. It’s a mini-advertisement. Every time someone looks at your card, they should be reminded of you and your business. A link gets created between the card and that positive impression you made when you gave the card away.

To aid that positive impression, it’s important to have business cards that are clear, eye-catching, and high-quality. Each of these elements leaves an impression of professionalism and prestige when done well. The more your card can stick in the mind of the recipient, the better the chances they’ll remember you when they need you. Let’s go over these elements.


By far, this is the most important. The information must be clear. At a minimum, a card needs:
● Your name
● Your title
● The name and/or website of your business
● One method of contact

All of this must be easy to read on the card. If the business card is too difficult to read because of too much information or fancy graphics, it becomes artwork rather than an advertisement.

Speaking of clarity, you should only put contact methods you wish to be contacted by. Don’t feel obligated to put a phone number on if you prefer to do email.


The old boring card of red and black text on beige paper is out. There are so many other options these days. BestoPrint has a range of business card templates that you can use to design your own cards. You can also give us your own design. We can provide all of the printing details you need so you can set your template up correctly for our machines. You can also choose to work one-on-one with one our business card printers to come up with the perfect eye-catching card.


A custom combination of quality components can raise the bar of even a plain business card. Certain features like the weight of the paper, embossing, full bleed printing, orientation, and gloss can raise the quality of your card to feel more professional. We have a range of card stocks and finishes for your tastes and budget. Our standard card comes in a 100lb cover/linen stock and a choice of matte or glossy surface. We also provide laminated and UV coated cards for extra durability. You can even get foldable business cards.

How to Maximize your Business Card’s Effectiveness

While we do offer a wide range of options for printing business cards, there are a few principles you can use that can help you raise their effectiveness.

● Use a light color so people can write notes on the back.
● Put most of the information on one side so people can have space to write notes.
● Make sure the coating lets them jot notes down.
● Try to stick to a standard size to make it easy to store in standard holders.
● Make sure, above all, that it is legible. Keep fonts 12 points or larger!
● Consider adding your photo to the card to create a stronger association with you, your business, the meeting, and the card.
● If you work among the tech crowd, consider using a QR code so smartphone users can get more information about you.

Using your business cards

The first rule of business cards is to always have some with you. You never know when you’ll make a new connection. The second rule is to only give cards to people who are interested in you. Don’t treat your business cards like fliers. If they took the time to shake your hand or otherwise acknowledge you personally, that’s a good time to give a card over.

If they take your card, ask for one in return. This will show interest in the other individual and make the meeting feel like a mutual exchange of information. Remark on the card if there’s something interesting about it and start asking questions about their business. This opens the door to having a successful and positive meeting associated with the exchange.

Once the meeting is done, take the time to follow the information on the card to learn more about the individual you spoke with. Use LinkedIn, website URLs, and any other information on the card to start building up your database. You can follow up with them on email to continue the conversation if the contact seems worthwhile to you.

If you follow these basic rules, you’ll get a lot more out of your cards.

Why choose BestoPrint?

BestoPrint’s design team can work with you one-on-one to create a powerful business card to get you noticed. Our high-tech production hub can print your business cards and deliver them to you at a reasonable price. And we don’t just offer plain cards or fixed templates either. We are a full-service print shop. You tell us how you want your cards designed and we can make you a bespoke business card.

Our goal is to make sure you’re thrilled with your print job. For more information about the products we offer in the business card category and see some of our standard templates, browse our business card selection on this page. If you want a custom card, contact our company and we’ll have one of our designers reach out to you to get your specifications and a quote.