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Booklets are generally small books which have been folded and saddle-stitched in the middle. Booklet printing bridges the gap between single-page printing and full magazine printing. They are used in all parts of the sales funnel, whether as tiny catalogs to outline the goods and services of a company, as instruction manuals that indicate how to use a particular piece of newly-purchased equipment, or any other document that needs several pages of printing. As marketing collateral, booklets are effective because they put your name in front of the customer, eliciting goodwill every single time that they see your name. With the ability to print all of your information in full color, printing your own booklets can provide a serious impact and boost to your marketing campaigns.

Printing booklets has never been easier! With our custom booklet printing service you can make those impressions count with a professional, sophisticated touch. We offer the highest quality promotional materials and marketing solutions that will help you make a professional, sophisticated impression. Choose from a wide range of stocks, sizes, shapes, and get them delivered straight to your doorstep with free shipping - all at an affordable price! Make those impressions count - order your custom printed booklets today from Besto Print!

Here are some booklet printing ideas

Instruction manuals - If you have instructional diagrams for a particular piece of equipment, a booklet can help you keep all of those diagrams together in the same place. Clear and precise technical instructions printed on 11x17 paper and then folded down to 8 ½ x 11 can give your customers the direction that they need.

Employee manuals - Small to medium-sized companies benefit greatly from having a printed employee manual. At BestoPrint, we specializing in making perfect-bound employee manuals with the extras. Need your company logo cut on the cover? We can take care of that. Just give us your printing parameters and we can take care of you.

Church directories - If you have a church, club, or other organization and you want to quickly and easily disseminate the addresses and membership information to all of the members, a booklet is perfect. Not only will you receive fast turnaround on your project, but you will also find that booklet printing is incredibly affordable.

Short stories - Are you trying to figure out that perfect present for your loved ones? Are you a writer? Printing out a booklet of your short stories might be just the thing. A personalized gift printed on thicker paper in full color makes the right impression. It’s also great to autograph these books before you send them out.

Menu of services - Sometimes, a booklet can serve as a mini-catalog for your goods and services. They are normally used in marketing as a way to drill down to a single point in your marketing campaign. So, getting a booklet printing company to print your booklet would be an excellent way to give your customers that extra little push.

Recipe books - Let’s say that you have a small book of recipes that you’d like to share with your friends and loved ones. You might not have an entire recipe book, one where you would require glue binding, but you have just a few. A booklet with your favorite desserts would be very welcome among your peers.

Event Programs - Do you have a special event coming up where you need to give your patrons a schedule and a little insight about the people involved? Maybe you’re running a convention where you expect to have hundreds of thousands of people. We love printing the booklets for events both big and small. Let us make you look great!

Binding Options for Your Print Booklet

Finishing options provide an extra bit of dazzle to your booklet. The binding option that you choose should fit the purpose of the booklet itself. For instance, if you are printing a frequently-used instruction manual, we might suggest laminating the cover so that the book can withstand prolonged use.

Saddle Stitching - Saddle stitching is the most common style of booklet binding, but its use is solely dependent on the number of pages that you have within your booklet. Saddle stitching has your book folded with a couple of staples in the center of the book. You will traditionally see magazines printed in this manner.

Spiral Coil Binding - In coil binding, the binding is placed at the edge of the paper instead of the middle of it. Tiny round holes are punched into the paper and a plastic coil is threaded through those holes and locked off at the end with a slight twist. This type of binding is great for short stories and other creative efforts.

Wire Coil Binding - Much like the spiral coil binding, the wire coil binding uses a different type of hole to fasten the pages together. It is done on the side and is used for larger books. You can see commercial wire binding done in art books and sketchbooks.

Perfect Binding - Perfect binding fastens the cover of your booklet all the way around, gluing it on the inside edge. This is often seen with modern paperback books and is quite effective for presenting a professional image to your readers. It’s easy to set up this type of cover for booklet binding, and it can often be seen in self-publishing efforts.

Booklet Printing Extras

We are a full-service printing company, and because of that, we can offer all of the extras that you would want for your small and large print booklets. BestoPrint takes those special projects and adds that extra pizazz with finishing options like foil stamping, die cutting, embossing, and more.

Die Cutting - The die cutting process cuts specific designs into your printed project. This is perfect for those who want to put a small cutaway into their booklets, cut their papers at odd lengths, and otherwise add a little flair to their booklets.

Embossing - Embossing pushes part of the paper out so there is a texture. Embossing is often done with colleges and some companies, putting that personal touch on the material.

Foiling - We can add a little gold or silver to your printed booklet. This helps titles to stand out on covers, attracting desired attention.

Want to make that perfect impression with your booklet BestoPrint can help.

We offer small booklet printing and custom booklet printing. From a single booklet to treasure as a family heirloom to a print-run spanning thousands, we’re able to handle your booklet printing order. Here are some of the types of booklets we print:

● Employee handbooks
● Product catalogs
● Event programs
● Special White Papers
● Cookbooks
● Membership directories
● Policy and training manuals
● Reference guides
● Fashion catalogs

The contents of your booklet are only limited by your imagination. We offer expert help and design tips at every step of the printing process, tailored to not only meet, but exceed your printing expectations. Our fast service and dedication to quality put us at the top of the field for booklet printing. Give BestoPrint a call today or start the booklet printing process online.