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When the only way of distributing music was on vinyl, record sleeves and album covers were the best way of protecting the discs from being scratched. These covers gave artists the perfect opportunity to create artwork for the album to show off their talents and promote the brand of the band. Since then, some of the best artists in the world have seen their rise as a result of their album covers.

When CDs and DVDs came along, the covers were still needed. They just became a little smaller. Despite the recent resurgence in vinyl records, people still buy CDs and DVDs for music and movies, and they all need printing to help people know what they’re about to play. These cases also allowed for new forms of band promotion, such as the inclusion of song lyrics. Do you want to give away the words to your album or make an unforgettable cover? BestoPrint does custom CD jackets and DVD sleeves printing to get the message out. Perfect for singles, trade shows, self-promo material and more. Our CD jackets and DVD sleeves are made with sturdy recycled board stock that can be printed in full color to give it a vibrant look. With two finishes available - glossy or matte – you’ll get the perfect finish to make your artwork pop off the page.

Options for CD/DVD booklet printing

We have all of the bells and whistles available to you for your booklet project. Gold foil? Not a problem, just tell us in your order. How about glossy paper to really drive the message home? We can do that, as well. Here are just some of the options that you have for your CD or DVD booklet printing. If something that you want isn’t listed, we most likely can do it. Contact us with your dream cover ideas!

Full color - Any DJ can tell you that they have their share of demo CDs filled with chicken scratch on the inner booklet. While that may be an entertaining style, there is a certain level of professionalism that full color adds to the project, a level that cannot be matched by raggedly cut, hand written booklets. We’re able to print out your booklets in full color.

Glossy paper - When people receive your CD, they want to be able to take out the printed booklet and pin it on their wall or put it into a notebook. They’re expecting the pages to be on glossy paper. It looks better, feels nicer, and allows for brighter artwork and contrast for the lyrics.

Binding options - We can cut your CD booklets down to size and then saddle-stitch or staple them per your instructions. We quality check each one of your booklets, making sure that they are folded right. Top-notch printing and finishing, that’s what we offer.

Embossing - Have you ever thought it would be neat to have a CD booklet that you could feel? With smaller booklets, we are able to emboss the pages for you, creating a raised surface of the designs that you want and need. Embossing, combined with all of the other extras, will bring your listeners that much closer to the music and make the booklet much more memorable.

Foiling - Wouldn’t it be great to have a little metallic touch on your CD booklet? You can have that with only a little added to your bottom line. We have several colors of metallic foil available, including gold, silver, red, and blue. We might be able to come up with some other colors if you ask really nicely.

Metallic Ink - Do you want to take your love of metallic colors to the next level? We can help you out with our metallic colors. Unlike the foil, these are best printed on larger areas. Do you have an interesting metallic idea for your album cover? We can bring that to life for you.

What should You Put In Your Printed CD Booklet?

Despite the rush toward electronic music, there are still many who want to connect with their favorite bands by getting vinyl, CDs, and DVDs. Merch tables have plenty of freshly printed CDs available for listeners. There are also still a few CD stores around the country. Since CD and DVD booklet printing is still quite relevant, we’ve gathered some ideas for what you should put in those liner notes.

Legal Information - Nobody likes to talk about legal stuff, but legal stuff is always necessary for the creation of albums. Let your listeners know about the copyrights that are involved with your album. Take a few moments to give that information.

Behind the Scenes - Give your fans a little history about the album. Let them know that the inspiration for your favorite song on the album came from the bird that landed on your windowsill. It's the little extras that you provide which make people more willing to purchase the physical copy.

Lyrics - You put an amazing amount of time into making the perfect lyrics for your songs, why not print them in the booklet for your CD? Your fans love it if you give them a little behind the scenes action with your lyric printing, as well.

Gratitude - There are so many people who you're thankful for and who really made it happen for the CD. There are people without whose help your CD wouldn't even exist. Take a moment to thank these people first. Go out of your way to name everyone that you can.

Credits - Let them know who was involved in the creation of the album. Who wrote the songs? Who produced it? Whose studio did you record this in? There might be more information that you wanted to put in your printed CD that didn't make it to the thank you section.

Sure, your music may be available for digital download, but that’s not going to appeal to your diehard fans. They want something more from you. They want to know about the history of your album. They want to know the lyrics to your songs. They want to know your inspiration for their favorite songs. That’s something that a printed CD booklet can provide that it’s hard to deliver on over the web.

Why Choose BestoPrint for your CD/DVD Booklet Printing?

We love music and movies! That’s not the only reason that you should use us for your CD or DVD booklet printing, of course. We offer free next-day shipping, free design services, and a fantastic satisfaction guarantee that we believe can’t be beaten. Click on one of the sections above to take your printing to the next level.

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