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Continue reading your favorite book from where you left by using bookmarks.
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Bookmarks are as personal as you are. They are the treasured guardians of our place in a book. But they do more than just mark your spot. They are an expression of who you are. With BestoPrint, you can print your own custom bookmarks in an array of designs, colors, and weights.

But bookmarks are for more than personal expression. A professional bookmark can send any number of messages. Own a bookstore? Why not put your store hours on one? They could make an interesting bit of swag at a sales event. Perhaps you could send some to your employees as thank you gifts, or as a present to a special someone in your life?

Create the perfect bookmarks with our Custom Bookmark Printing! Our affordable and personalized options offer plenty of crowd-pleasing possibilities, no matter if you're looking to promote a personal or professional venture. Choose from multiple sizes and print on either side for maximum impact. And don't forget about our exceptional finishing options like gloss coating - it'll make your bookmarks stand out even more! Get ready to get noticed with custom printed bookmarks that are sure to make an impression. Order yours today!

Custom Bookmark Printing

BestoPrint offers custom bookmark printing. Here are some of the features of our bookmarks:

Solid cardstock printing (80# or 100#) - What types of books are your clients reading? Are they needing something a little thicker for their reference books? The heavier the cardstock, the sturdier it tends to be.

Full-color printing - We can print your bookmarks in full color using CMYK or PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors. Color adds a vibrancy to your bookmark, one which black and white printing cannot provide. When your imagination takes you to places, we can print bookmarks that match.

Multiple sizes, including large-size 3x7 bookmarks - The size that you choose for your bookmark is up to you. In our free design consultations, we’ll advise you on which sizes would work out the best in which situation.

Drilling - Want to put a tassel at the top so that you can easily see the bookmark? We can drill a hole so that you can easily tie one in. We have several sizes so you’re able to use the thickness of cord you desire.

Lamination - Lamination protects the bookmark from water damage as well as makes it a bit more sturdy for hole punching. We can create fully encapsulated printed bookmarks for your clients.

Embossing - If you’re itching to put your personal seal on your bookmark, now’s your chance. Embossing allows you to put personal designs and secret messages into the paper of the bookmark.

Aqueous and UV Coating - Add a little glossy coating to your bookmark to give it a very professional appearance. A bookmark that’s slick to the fingers is considered to be more luxurious by its recipients.

Foiling - Gold and silver foil on letters really makes them stand out for your readers. This is especially popular for those who have a classy touch to their spiritual statements.

Creative Uses for Bookmarks

Don’t let the size of the bookmark fool you, though!  They are mighty in their ability to convey messages, be they whimsical or serious. Those bookmarks that you print don’t necessarily have to be used to hold the place in a book - they can be used for a number of purposes.


Gift Tags - A longer gift tag adds flair to the gift-giving process.  If you’ve got presents which have something a little extra to them, or you’ve got a message that you want to convey, bookmarks can easily be repurposed for outstanding gift tags.


Event Tickets - When combined with some of our other services like foiling, laminating, embossing, or foiling, bookmarks can be used to create the perfect event ticket.  They are something special which can be given to your clients or your fans.


Business Cards - Depending on the type of business that you have, a bookmark can be an excellent way to keep readers thinking about you.  So, a bookmark business card would be perfect for aspiring authors and motivational speakers out there - those who didn’t want to stick to the status quo.


Coupons - Coupons come in all shapes and sizes, why not in the form of a bookmark?  These are effective for many types of businesses, especially service businesses.  It might also be an extremely potent form of guerilla marketing if it were coordinated with the local used book store.


Keepsake or Mementos - Bookmarks don’t have to simply hold the place in your book. They can hold the memories of blissful times within them.  If you choose not to laminate your bookmark, put a handwritten note on the back of your bookmarks and watch the miles from those who receive them.

Ideas for Bookmark Designs

When it comes right down to it, you are truly limited only by your imagination and the size of the actual bookmark when it comes to bookmark printing. You can have colorful scenes from pictures, take quotes from the books that will be marked, and more as your ideas for design.

Photos - Maybe you have a photo of your corporate office or something whimsical that you’d like to share with your clients. By using that photo as your background, you can remind your customers that you care about them every time that they do one of their favorite activities.

Text - There’s a challenge to creating the perfect bookmark design. If you want to have a text-based design, pick a quote that looks good vertically, leaving enough for the hole in the top and the name of the author down at the bottom.

Contrast - High contrast designs work the best if you want your customers to read the bookmarks as well as use them. Funny sayings and quotes can be highly effective as long as your message is easy to read.

Why Choose BestoPrint For Your Bookmark Printing?

Imagine what it would be like to have an expert printer on your side. They would help you with design decisions that not only save you money, but would make your bookmark designs all the better. BestoPrint has that for you, free with every single order.

BestoPrint prides itself on catering to its customers’ needs. One could even say that we’re obsessed with providing superior service at a reasonable price. We don’t simply talk the talk, though. We deliver your custom bookmarks fast to you - our next-day free shipping makes us rank among the fastest printers in the industry.

So stop losing your pages, or struggling to figure out what to give for your next gift. Get a box of custom printed bookmarks today from Besto Print.