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If you want to make a professional impression with your brick and mortar customers, letterhead printing is the way to go. Designing a letterhead is more than simply slapping your logo into place and hoping for the best, it’s an extension of your company’s brand and your image. That’s why where you print your letterhead is just as important as what you print on that letterhead.
People, at their very heart, want to be impressed. They want to know that a little extra time was spent on them. With letterhead printed on a high-quality paper, you can give your customers the impression that you care about them enough to use the good stationery to send them a note. What kinds of options are available to you for your custom letterhead printing?

Letterhead Printing Options

When printing out your personalized letterhead, you have many cost-effective options available to you. You have the choice of paper, the colors that you wish to use, the ability to print watermarks, and more. We can enhance your letterhead by offering our printing design services.

Variety of paper stocks - At BestoPrint, we have a variety of paper stocks from which to choose. Do you prefer a heavier linen paper, complete with watermark? Maybe you enjoy a thicker stock? Whatever stock that you’re in the mood for, we can print on it for the best letterhead.

Full Color - Do you have a design or a photo which would go perfectly on your letterhead? We can make that happen. As you’re not limited to simply black and white, you have a full range of design options at your disposal.

Foiling - Foiling is great for those who wish to add a little bit of opulence to their letterhead printing. We have several foil colors available to you, including blue, red, silver, and gold. Foil stamping is an excellent option for those who want to print legal stationery.

Drilling - If you know that most of your stationery will find its way to three-ring binders, we can pre-drill that for you. Actually, it doesn’t have to be solely for the three-ring binder - we can drill a hole anywhere on the paper, including at the top, on the right side, or even at the top and bottom. The choice is yours.

Embossing - What about those who want to have raised lettering like the standard thermography? We have you covered. We’re able to emboss your letterhead, raising the design for you and your readers. Maybe you have a design that you want embossed on the side of your stationery? We can definitely do it. Just send us a note or give us a call to discuss your options.

Ideas for designing your business letterhead

At BestoPrint, we’ve seen letterhead of all shapes and sizes. Some offices choose to have very complicated and large letterheads. Others have letterhead that’s barely there. If you choose not to use our professional design staff, we have some suggestions for designing your business letterhead.

Keep it simple - All you truly need for your letterhead is your name and a way to contact you. This usually includes your address, phone number, and website address. We suggest that you also incorporate your logo to keep it consistent, but you don’t need to clutter up the printed letterhead with lots and lots of writing. After all, the message that you deliver is the star.

Keep it accurate - If you’re going to spend money on fancy letterhead, make sure that every piece of information is accurate prior to printing. You don’t want a typo ruining your project! Watch carefully for transposed numbers, misplaced punctuation, and other minor typos that will take away from the professional feel.

Add splashes of color - You might be dreaming of adding a watermark, or you might be thinking of putting a little flair into your printed letterhead. A touch of color goes a long way, and you might want to pick those high-contrast colors that really stand out for your message. Perhaps bright red on the logo to go with the black text of the message? Whatever you choose, BestoPrint is the economical choice for printing letterhead.

Watermarks - Let’s say that your company has a distinctive logo and you’d like to use it on your letterhead. What better way to incorporate your logo than put it into a watermark that’s emblazoned across the page? One way to keep your marketing collateral consistently branded is to place your logo on each part of the marketing package in a creative manner.

Use color theory - There are some color combinations which look better than others. Search for complementary colors that accent your company's brand, but try not to go overboard. Your letterhead is a vital part of your business package, and those complementary colors shouldn’t conflict with the colors that you’ve chosen for your brochures, your presentation folders, and your business cards.

Typography rules - The typography that you use really makes or breaks the letterhead for letterhead printing. It's going to be the unifying force between all of the documents that you need to produce. Choose fonts which are easy to read that also look good when you manipulate them. The font you choose should remain consistent throughout your marketing collateral.

Letterhead Printing and BestoPrint

Letterhead printing and BestoPrint go hand in hand. We’ve got the expert knowledge about fonts, drawings, and design. You’ve got the knowledge of your company in your field. Together, we can make some wonderful letterhead and pave the way for the entirety of your marketing package. Here are some things which make your choice to go with BestoPrint even easier.

● Free shipping
● Dynamite customer satisfaction guarantee
● Free design team for all orders

When you choose to let Besto Print be your printer, you’re at the front end of making things happen. We can print letterhead, brochures, presentation folders, booklets, and more. If you’ve got some out of the box ideas for what you want to print, we’re there for you. Just start your order by clicking above or give us a call. We make the printing process easy.