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Cost effective method to reach your target audience, offers a consistent form of branding and easily understandable by readers
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Brochures are small informational printings made up of six folded panels made from a single sheet of paper. Their small size makes them easy to carry around while still delivering a strong message. When a flyer is just not enough to get your point across, you need a brochure. They are more than just for product information. You can use brochures to give a short introduction to lots of different topics.

Who’s the best at printing brochures? Hands down, it’s BestoPrint.

Get your message out there with our custom brochures printing service! Perfect for trade shows, conferences, conventions, or mailing to your target market - you can give every last detail in a clean and compact design. Choose from our wide variety of paper stocks, finishes, and popular folding options that will make sure your brochure stands out. Our high-quality prints are made with the most advanced technology available ensuring they'll look great no matter where you hand them out. Order yours today and get ready to take your business to the next level.

Options for your Brochure Printing

Your brochure doesn’t have to be black and white and printed on plain paper. That makes you look like you did it on your office copier, and that might not be too smart to do. And who wants to do all that folding for free? You need a professional to do the job right, and there are a lot of different ways to make your brochure stand out.

Full Color Printing - You don’t have to skimp on the color for your brochure printing. We print double-sided color, which means that none of your design choices are off the table. Want photos? Want crazy colorful designs? We can do it so your message has the most impact on the reader. Rather let your fonts do the talking? We can print in black and white as well.

Paper choices galore - When you choose to come to BestoPrint for your printing, you have options galore. We can print on 100% recycled paper, paper of nearly any color of the rainbow, heavy paper, light paper, and much much more. As long as we can fold it right for a brochure, we can use it.

Textures - Do you think that your paper should have a glossy texture? Do you need lamination for your brochure? We have spot UV, texture UV, and aqueous coating for our clients. Texture is an unexpected thing in most brochures, so why not give this a try to make your brochure really stand out.

Drilling - For those of you who love to put brochures into binders, we have drilling options for you. Our punch can go through anywhere on the paper, so you can have holes in the top, sides, and bottom. Just show us where, and we can drill it for you. This is sometimes done for informational foldouts in instructional materials.

Embossing - Embossing is a rare technique in a brochure, but it can be done! If you use a heavier card stock, you can emboss your brochure and make it really stand out. It’ll give your brochure a unique tactile feel your readers won’t forget.

Best Practices for Your Brochure Printing

Your printed brochure is one of the cornerstones of your marketing collateral. Combine that with your printed presentation folders, your business cards, and catalog, the brochure ties all of the information together in one easy-to-read package. Here are some best practices for making your brochures the best that they can be.

Before you put word one into your brochure, the first thing you need to be aware of is your audience. If your message doesn’t resonate with them, they won’t want to read the brochure all the way to the end. Your brochure should answer a question or introduce a new concept to whoever is reading it.

Brochures don’t have a lot of space and are usually printed in a fairly large font size. Every word counts. As a general note, you want to keep the wording and the general attitude simple. You want to inspire curiosity while giving the reader enough information to make the impact you want to make. When in doubt, lean toward bullet points and arrows in your discussions.

Be very aware of your copywriting. If you're not that good at writing, find someone who is who can make an impact for you. Once you have the words, you can take them to our design specialists, and we can help you find a template that really works with your audience.

You also have to be aware of design. If you’ve never made a tri-fold brochure before, find a template before writing your copy. Everything has to fit onto those six panels in a balanced fashion, both text and photos. Let your sense of aesthetics guide you within the frame of the template. You may find you have to revise your copy to fit the format.

Don’t skimp on the font size. The narrow columns of a brochure make it difficult to read small print. The eyes have to bounce too much. With a larger font, it’s easier on the eyes. Bullet points also break up the flow of text to make brochures easier to read.

The best thing you can do for your brochure is proofreading. Have someone who's not involved with the project take a look at your brochure, as they'll be able to offer you an extra set of eyes. Having a typo or two diminishes the impression that you make in your customer's eyes.

If you need a brochure template, just contact us. We can provide several different varieties corresponding to the product types we have above. When you use our templates, you can be sure that your final product will come out the way you want.

Your brochures are a small representation of your company. It can be a highly effective marketing tool, provided that you follow certain design guidelines. Interested in getting the process started? We’re here for you, and ready to make your printing dreams a reality. Give us a call or use the product listings above to order your brochures.