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Explore 6 month and 12-month custom calendars for 2022, with different custom options.
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BestoPrint's Calendar Printing Includes:

● Full color throughout - Don’t skimp on the color! Using color has been proven to catch the eye of your clients and users. We can highlight certain dates in different colors for you, making them more likely to stick in your readers’ minds.

● 1 page, 6 pages and 12 pages with lamination and gloss aqueous coating - With the different varieties of calendars available, you can simply circle the date or write detailed notes for the upcoming event. Never miss a birthday again!

● Saddle Stitch and ⅛” holes - Does your calendar open up with a picture on one side and the calendar side on the other? Are you planning on hanging your calendar on the wall? We can drill a hole in the top or saddle stitch it to make it perfect.

● CMYK, Metallic, and Pantone Ink - We do color matching! If your logo has a specific Pantone color, or if you want to add a little gold or silver onto your calendar, we have you covered! We can match YourCompany Yellow or Blue for your calendar printing.

● Optional UV Coating - UV coating adds a distinct and professional look to your calendar, one which provides you with a little bit more authority. Using this inexpensive coating on your printing is one way to get people clamoring to have your designs on their walls.

● Personalized designs and theme - At a loss for what pictures and designs that you want when you print your calendar? Our design professionals can help you choose something which really makes you shine. We’ve got custom designs ready for you.

● Embossing and Die cutting - Embossing and die cutting add a little texture to your calendar. Embossing raises the page so that you can feel the design. Die cutting puts designs right into the paper for a truly unique look.

● 100% recycled paper - At BestoPrint, we’re concerned about the environment as much as you are. We can use 100% recycled paper for your calendar printing run, making sure that no new trees were cut down in the process.

● Different types of calendars, including pocket calendars, 3D calendars, wall calendars and table calendars. We can make your message as big or as small as you’d like.

Making Your Calendar Printing Last All Year Round

Your printed calendar should be front and center with your clients throughout the entire year. There are several ways that you can do this with a 1-page, 6-page, or 12-page calendar.

Secret QR Codes

This will require planning for the entire year, but it will also make the calendars you print more interesting. If you have a 12-month calendar printed, put a QR code on one of the dates so that your readers will be curious and go to the page on your website. Make the deal good enough so that they want to look at the code each and every month. Having it be a QR code means that your client has to interact with the calendar, rather than simply looking at it.

Coupon Codes

Following in this same vein, when you get your calendar printed, put coupon codes that only work for that specific month onto the calendar. For instance, if you sell clothes, run a special on pants for your readers on month, then maybe a special on shoes the next. Coupons, especially coupons that make your clients feel like they’re part of an exclusive club.

Deals, Deals, Deals

If clients have your marketing collateral in front of them, they’re more likely to use it. By making sure that they have access to some of the best deals on your products, they’re more likely to keep coming back and looking at them to see what else that they can get.

Custom Dates

Along with the traditional holidays and dates, you could put a few dates of your own into the calendar that you’ve provided your clients. Be very sparing with this, as you don’t want to be the focus of the calendar itself - but maybe you could put famous people’s birthdays or other events into the grid.

Put Your Menu Out There

If you’re a restaurant, what better way to entice your clients other than putting pictures of your succulent food on the calendar? By using photos or a menu on your printed calendar, you are giving your brand evangelists another way of engaging with you and reminding them that you make the best food in the land.

Ideas for Calendar Printing - Print Calendars Year Round

Calendars don’t have to be only printed in January. Because BestoPrint is able to print custom calendars, laminate them, and more, you can create calendars that don’t go from January 1 to December 31.

Sports Schedule

Maybe you’ve noticed that your audience has a favorite football team. Printing out a calendar with the upcoming matches / games might be of great benefit to them. One of the goals of marketing, remember, is to be of significant use to your clients.

Organizational Calendars

There are always special dates within organizations - like anniversaries and other events. What about events that happen several times a year? Print out calendars that only have specific months or days on them so that readers can get the full effect.

The BestoPrint Difference

“What’s today’s date?” That question has been asked and answered for centuries by people who need to be in the know. Instead of letting your customers look at a generic calendar, or worse yet, the calendar of your competition, why not give them custom printed calendars so it’s your name on their minds all year long?

Make your mark in the advertising world with calendar printing services from BestoPrint! Whether you're looking for a classic wall calendar or a desktop style, we've got it all. Our 2023 calendars come in a variety of themes, colors and patterns to match any design aesthetic - plus, you can even request to label special dates like birthdays or anniversaries. You'll be sure to make an impression with our large print calendars that are custom printed wholesale just for you. Get ready for brand recognition like never before - order your personalized calendar today!

Give us a call today or start the process using our order form at the top of the page. Printed calendars are just a phone call away.