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Elevate your game using custom printed presentation folders. Their high-gloss finish makes for the perfect piece of ‘bling’ to take home from seminars, classes, and other high-profile meetings. Recipients store quality-made folders, treasuring the information that’s kept inside. A professional folder makes a long-lasting form of advertising. With so many varieties and styles from which to choose, you’re sure to find the most professional style for you.

Options for Presentation Folder Printing

Everyone needs options when it comes to printing their own presentation folders. We want you to let your imagination roam free when it comes to folder printing, and let us take care of turning those dreams into reality.

A variety of sizes - Just as every company’s message varies, the size of the folder needed to contain that message can vary as well. BestoPrint prints on different size folders like 6''x9'', 9''x12'', and 9.5''x14.5''

Full color - We see in color, not black and white. To achieve the fullest impact for your printed presentation folder, printing in full color is the way to go. Your choice of folder design clarifies your company’s message for years to come.

Pocket slits - Need a place to put your company’s business card? How about a place to put your brochure and important information related to your most recent transaction? BestoPrint can custom-create folders for you that meet your needs.

Shiny and glossy - Tactile people appreciate glossy presentation folders because they are able to run their fingers over the smooth texture. Shiny folders also add an air of professionalism that matte-printed folders don’t have, but we do offer matte-printed folders if you prefer them.

Foil stamping - Print your school or company’s name in gold on the front of your presentation folder. Make the right impression the first time, one which will last for the length of your business relationship. We take your printing to the next level with the little extras.

Embossing - Raise your game with embossing. Do you want to embed the seal of your company or your school into your folder? It’s possible to create even more of a positive impression by embossing your logo directly into the folder itself.

Die Cutting - Need specific shapes in the folder that you are printing? Perhaps something that is not done through printing alone? Die cutting makes the difference by trimming the printed presentation folder any way you need.

Special Coatings - We can smudgeproof your folders, raising the bar even further for your professional impact. With our gloss aqueous coating, 14pt UV coating, and spot UV coatings, you can push the envelope just a little further, giving your clients something to talk about.

Black and White - Perhaps you don’t want to have full color on both sides. That’s understandable. You can print black and white on one side or over the whole folder. Your perfect presentation folders are our priority.

Custom Graphic Design - We’ve designed hundreds of folders to meet the exacting needs of our clients, and we’d love to design something which works for you. Our free design services come with every order. We can design it, or you can upload your design to the order form… your choice.

Great Uses for Custom Printed Presentation Folders

With all of the awesome marketing material that you are producing, like printed letterhead and brochures, you've got to have a place to put it, right? That's where presentation folders come in.

Presentation folders provide an excellent way to put it all together. While they are custom branded like the rest of your material, they can also have a flair all their own in giving new information to your customers.

With glossy finishes, die cutting, embossing, and full-color printing, custom printing presentation folders give you the ability to cement your permanent positive impression in the brains of your eager clients and prospective clients.

Now that you've gathered up all of your information, how can you use your bespoke presentation folders to their maximum effect?

Proposals and Contracts
Starting business relationships takes a lot of paperwork. Keeping all of it together means an excellent opportunity to use a folder with your custom-branded information on it. If you are competing with others in your field, your presentation folder can make you stand out and get the job.

Prospecting and Press Kits
Presentation folders don't need to be just for those clients who already know about you. You can use those shiny new folders to cold-call on your prospects. If you work with the media and need to show them your press releases, folders are a great way to keep all of it together.

Trade Shows
If you're going out in the field, take some of your custom printed presentation folders with you! Nothing compares with having materials already prepared for you to simply hand out to people who are itching to learn more about you.

Your printed folder doesn’t have to be just the carrier, though. It can be so much more than that. By putting information directly on the folder itself, you can teach your customers about you and give them a lasting impression even if the material inside of the folders falls out.

Why Use BestoPrint for your Presentation Folders?

With our decades of experience in the printing field, we understand what it takes to get the job done and get it done right. Your business image starts with a business card, goes into your letterhead, then maybe a brochure or two, until you finally need a presentation folder to wrap it all up. We can print every piece of your marketing collateral, from those business cards to your presentation folders. As a full-service printing company, there’s nothing that we can’t print, from your standard orders to super-specific custom printing.

But it’s not just about that. It’s about the extras that we provide to you.

● Free next-day shipping
● Free graphic design services
● Top-notch customer satisfaction guarantee
● Successful quality-control processes

There’s more, too. Do you want to get the process started with us? Simply click on one of the links above to get rolling on your presentation folders.