6 Top Design Tips for Custom Greeting Cards

6 Top Design Tips for Custom Greeting Cards

Businesses, artists, and designers should start prepping for their festive greeting card collections now that the Christmas season is just around the corner.

Artists and businesses need to make sure their cards stand out from the competition, whether they are designing a line of business cards to sell or ordering custom card printing to deliver to customers.

What Should Be on Your Handmade Greeting Card?

Depending on the occasion, it may vary what you include in your custom greeting card.

Sending a birthday card to a close friend? Personalize it with your friend's name and a heartfelt message, for instance.

However, you may stay with more generic holiday greetings if you're making a business card to send to everyone on your mailing list. You want people to know who created such a stylish custom greeting, so in any case, don't forget to sign your card!

Here are some design tips for your custom greeting cards:

  1. Utilize Good Quality Materials

It's a good idea to utilize the highest quality materials you can afford whenever you make printed marketing pieces.

Regarding custom card printing, the same holds true. Select a classy envelope, high-quality inks, and luxuriously thick card.

When recipients open your card, this will help to make a wonderful first impression.

With superb fine papers, you can highlight your custom creations and make a lasting impact.

  1. Make it Personal

Make the card as personalized as possible if you are creating it yourself.

Create the artwork for the custom card printing utilizing things that are meaningful to you and your customers by drawing inspiration from your company, your services, or your industry.

If you have the time, consider making many cards with themes appropriate for various recipient groups.

You might, for instance, develop separate cards with different designs for each type of partner, such as one for clients, one for vendors, and one for collaborators, each one representing the particulars of that connection.

  1. Avoid Becoming a Square

It does not need to be a square or a rectangle just because it's a card. Your original greeting card doesn't even need to be four-sided or right-angled.

Consider using 3D forms in your design for custom card printing that is genuinely one of a kind. Make use of your printer's expertise and knowledge. Use unique shapes to enhance your design by allowing recipients to discover hidden details when they unfold the card.

  1. Create Something Unique

Make sure your custom card printing is entirely original if you want the cards to stand out. Try to stay away from outdated and clichéd holiday themes.

If you're going to use classic iconography, think of unique and new ways to reinterpret well-known concepts.

  1. Opt for a Classy Finish

A receiver will be able to tell right away how high-quality your card is as they pick it up.

Make sure you choose an exquisite, professional finish from a company that provides card printing services for your greeting cards to guarantee they convey the ideal message about you or your company.

You may incorporate an embossed element into the design to give your cards an extra flair. Stylish and striking, embossing is a wonderful method to give your printed product a unique touch.

  1. Brighten it Up

Colors may not appear exactly the same on paper as they do on your screen.

So, apart from checking the texture and quality of your greeting card’s paper, also make sure that the colors of your card don’t look too dull. For this, use brighter colors while designing the card. Or, discuss this matter with your printing services provider for the best solution.

Despite the fact that greeting cards are frequently personal, they also provide you the chance to interact directly with potential customers, so make sure the custom card printing reflects your business services.

On the backside of the card, you may want to include your company's name, logo, a provocative strapline, or even a call to action, like a link to your website.

It's an excellent time to make yourself known because most individuals will flip the card over to read the information.

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