4 Unique Pizza Box Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

4 Unique Pizza Box Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

Since the 1930s, pizza shops have been personalizing their boxes and using the exposed space as moving billboards.

Early designs were simple, but advances in printing technology have increased the options available to small pizza shops. You'll be astounded by some of the design themes that pizzerias use to distinguish themselves with their custom pizza boxes.

How Custom Pizza Box Designs Can Help in Brand Promotion?

Without a question, one of the most consumed foods around the globe is pizza.

To meet the tastes of clients, it may be cooked in a variety of flavors and modifications. Food with such broad consumer appeal requires packaging that matches the product. The best packing option so far is custom pizza boxes.

They do more than just keep the pizza flavorful and fresh during delivery – they’re a complete marketing medium. Here are 4 unique pizza box designs that’ll blow your mind:

  1. Lo-Fi

A surge of lo-fi pizza box design has come along with the popularity of artisan pizza. The artwork on the packaging is just as handcrafted and rustic as the pizzas themselves.

Imagine a 12-inch Kraft box (unbleached brown paper) with a simple image that has been hand-stamped off-center.

Usually, all there is a name or logo.

Since it avoids the blatant pitch of a bright box packed with discounts and contact information, this is the antithesis of corporate design. When it comes to pizzerias looking to project an artisanal ethos, the DIY approach has a punk edge that really works well.

Pizza places that go for the low-fi look frequently use local ingredients, organic toppings, and preferments.

  1. Designed by Local Artists

Pizza restaurants are now engaging artists to produce distinctive pieces for their box tops after years of custom pizza boxes that resemble blown-up phone book advertising.

Employing a local artist enhances your reputation as a patron of the arts and provides you with a totally distinctive image.

Teaching the artist about the restrictions of pizza box printing is the difficult part of this situation. There are limitations on the number of colors used, how many colors may overlap without seeming "trapped," and how close the ink must be to the box's folds and cuts.

The internal designers that work with your custom box printing service providers should be guided properly if you're recruiting someone who hasn't previously created for this medium in order to help them through the procedure.

  1. Full Bleed

In the realm of custom pizza boxes, a picture that rolls over the edge of the box is one of the most stunning sights since it goes against our expectations. The unusualness of a black box with white writing or a yellow box with red lettering is particularly striking.

However, you can't go very near to the edge since short-run orders are printed after the box has been cut and scored. You will need to purchase a large run that is printed before being scored and cut if you absolutely must have a box with full-bleed artwork.

Additionally, be cautious when using a lot of ink because the color can end up on your clients' hands. Always heed your printer's instructions when using any of these design approaches.

  1. Throwback

Retro pizzerias are springing up all over, and they include decor reminiscent of the time when the walls were paneled in wood and the corner had video game cabinets.

Simple nameplates are included in the middle of these prints, while the edges have antique borders. There could even be a chef winking in the background. This fashion is all about simplicity; there are no QR codes, social media handles, or intricate patterns.

Not advertising, but branding is everything.

The vintage concept may appear to be a design retreat, yet it really stands out amid the many pizzerias vying for a prominent presence.

Both the pizzerias that sell these boxes are happy to be mom-and-pop businesses.

You must first take raw materials into account while getting custom pizza box printing done for your product.

For a number of reasons, restaurants generally employ cardboard pizza boxes. Feel free to ask your printing service provider if you're still unsure about the material for your pizza custom boxes.

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